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My 1:1 planning support takes the pain out of planning your wedding. You’ll get access to me and all my planning expertise to make your wedding happen your way. If you’re right at the beginning and not sure where to start or part way through and feeling like it’s all too much then I can help. Whatever the problem we can fix it, together. This isn’t me doing it for you. This is me guiding you, supporting you and making it all possible. It’s a collaboration to make your dream wedding a reality.

What does this mean?

  1. We’ll have an initial chat about your wedding and your plans so far. This is your chance to let loose about what’s worrying you and where you’re at so don’t hold back!

  2. I’ll come up with a plan for your wedding based on our discussion. This will also include a time frame for my support - that could be anything from one or two months to get back on track or the duration of your planning (most wedding planners would call this full planning).

  3. Next we’ll work through the plan together. I’ll be there to support, guide and advise where it’s needed although all the final decisions about your wedding rest with you. I’ll be able to find you amazing suppliers, book them on your behalf, review contracts, ask all the right questions, and keep things on track and within budget.

  4. If your planning support goes right up to the day of your wedding then I’ll include my On the Day support for free! If you choose to have my help for part of your wedding planning journey then at the end of our time together I’ll handover everything we’ve worked on together along with full notes and the tools required to continue planning your perfect wedding day.

My 1:1 Planning Support is designed to be flexible; I spend a lot of time getting to know you and understanding the problems you are facing. I work with you to overcome those problems, enabling you to have the best wedding planning experience possible. It should be fun after all!

Can I help you with your wedding plans? If so, contact me for a chat about your wedding preferably over a cup of tea and a slice of cake!