Which Venue are You?

The days when your choice of venue was between your local church and registry office are long gone! Now there are so many types of venue to choose from: outdoors, marquees, tipis, barns, country houses, warehouses, the list is endless. So how do you even begin to work out the right venue for you? Luckily I’ve devised a quiz to help you determine which venue is for you!

*If you ever did those personality quizzes in magazines then it’s a bit like that!*

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5 Top Tips for Keeping your Wedding on Budget

I know that talking about wedding budgets is boring. I’m not going to sugar coat it. When people think of planning a wedding they imagine beautiful dresses, glossy magazines, flowers and cake. Let’s face it, budgets aren’t the glamorous part of wedding planning. Here’s the crux of this:


In this blog I’m going to explain why you need to budget and share my 5 top tips for keeping your wedding on budget.

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Review of Hanwell Wine Estate - Talk Tour & Tasting

An afternoon on a vineyard with a talk on winemaking, a tour through the vines and all finished off with wine tasting. What could be more pleasant?

Hanwell Wine Estate’s Talk, Tour & Tasting experience is a brilliant introduction to English wines and the process of winemaking. One not to be missed! If you're looking for an idea for a party or hen party, or a gift for a couple getting married then look no further!

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Guide to Stress Free Hen Party Planning

You’re getting married! It’s now time for your best friends to spoil you rotten and throw the ultimate bash to celebrate. If you’re lucky you’ll have an amazing group of super organised friends who’ll pull it all together, but what do you do if you’re friends are gifted at many things just planning isn’t one of them? With this handy guide you and your friends will have an amazing hen party planned in no time at all. No fuss, no stress and most importantly all friendships still in tact. 

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What do I Need to Include in My Wedding Invitations?

Put simply I can answer this question in one line: everything your guests need to know to attend your wedding (or any other celebration for that matter). This answer is true, but not particularly helpful. What will your guests need to know? How much detail should you include? How do you make sure that you don’t miss anything? There are a core set of things you must include with your invitations, and the good news is that I’m going to tell you what they are!

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Pinterest - How to Use Wisely and Avoid Inspiration Overload

Let me start by saying that I love Pinterest. It is a brilliant source of inspiration, full of amazing ideas, beautiful aesthetics and clever tips that I'd never have thought of.

I also hate Pinterest. It gives me and my clients unrealistic expectations of what is achievable.

So what is my advice to couples considering using Pinterest to aid and assist their wedding planning? How do you remain in love with Pinterest and avoid the pitfalls that make so many feel overwhelmed? Read on to find out my advice for using Pinterest wisely and avoiding inspirational overload!

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Why have a wedding website?

Wedding websites have become standard for the modern couple and are considered an essential part of the planning process. However, not everyone has embraced the idea of putting the details of their big day online. So what is a wedding website and why might you use one? I explain all in this blog that will demystify the wedding website and showcase exactly what all the fuss is about…

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Creating the Ultimate Schedule for your Wedding or Event

I’m going to let you into a secret, having a clear schedule is the best way to make sure your event goes to plan. It seems obvious but making sure everyone knows where they’re meant to be and when is fundamental to the smooth running of your wedding or event. It surprises me how many people don’t think about making a schedule, and more importantly sharing it with all their suppliers to make everyone’s lives easier. So how do you make the ultimate schedule and ensure your celebration goes to plan? Read on to find out…

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8 Animals to Feature in Your Wedding

There are lots of reasons why you’d want animals at your wedding. Perhaps you’ve got a furry friend you want to be there, or maybe you’re an animal lover and you’d never have considered not having animals at your wedding! From ring bearers to ultimate sidekicks, I’ve got some suggestions for making our animal friends a key part of your wedding.

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The Best and Tastiest Alternatives to Wedding Cake

For when cake just won’t cut it…

For those that don’t have a sweet tooth, the wedding cake just isn’t something you’ll be looking forward to. Or perhaps you’re not the biggest fan of cake and you’d like something a little bit different? The good news is there are plenty of alternatives out there for you to choose from. I’ve included a mixture of sweet and savoury here, some you may have heard of and some I guarantee you won’t have seen before!

Warning: this blog may make you hungry!

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8 Easy Steps to Successfully Plan Absolutely Anything

Knowing where to start and in which order to do everything is a recurring problem for anyone planning a wedding or event. I want to give you the tools to plan your wedding or celebration (or anything else!) effectively whether you’re doing it in 3 months or 3 years. If you follow my 8 steps you’ll have a foolproof plan for successfully planning anything in no time!

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12 Guest Book Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas for your guest book then you’ve come to the right place! I’ve got 12 guest book ideas here that are a lot more interesting than just getting your guests to add their name to a book! They’re designed to provide you with wonderful messages you can treasure forever and hopefully your guests can have fun while doing them!

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Easy DIY Place Names - Step by Step Instructions

Ever fancied making your own place names? It’s an easy and fun way to add a personal touch to your wedding or event and is a great option whatever your budget. We’ve created some step by step instructions to help you make your own place names in no time at all! I hope you have fun experimenting and making some unique and personal place names for your next celebration!

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