Why do I need an ‘On the Day’ Wedding Planner?

The secret behind a stress free wedding day

Sam & Natalie, Oct 17

I got married last year and we had the perfect wedding. It was organised with military precision, everything was beautiful and exactly how we’d planned it. 18 months of effort. One day to enjoy it. But while everyone was dancing and having fun, my husband was clearing up after the groomsmen. I was clearing tables ready for them to be packed away. Our friends were helping to move decorations at the end of the evening instead of partying into the small hours. We organised a magical wedding, but didn’t get to enjoy it.

Like many people getting married we made most of the wedding decisions ourselves, and did all of the organisation ourselves. So when our venue came with a wedding coordinator we thought “Great! They’ll be there so we can relax on the day.” What we didn’t realise was that the wedding coordinator was just there for the venue, to make sure we were in the right places at the right times and not straying outside of our area.

That meant that any disasters (all weddings have them in one form or another) had to be dealt with by us or our guests. And when you’ve spent so long making one perfect day, the onus tends to fall on those that know the most about what’s meant to be happening - the bride and groom. So when you should be dancing to that band you spent weeks trying to find or tucking into the cake you sampled many months ago, you’re sorting out some little disaster or another. It really does happen to everyone. No matter how much planning you do, human beings are inherently unpredictable. Some things you just can’t plan for..

So I set up Toastworthy Events. I want every couple to be able to relax and enjoy their wedding day. Not just that, but their guests should be able to sit back and have fun too. At Toastworthy Events we provide affordable wedding planning for brides on a budget (and for those that aren’t!) Hiring a wedding planner shouldn’t be expensive and it should be an essential part of your day. After all, who wants to deal with an overdramatic bridesmaid or the usher who forgot a shirt? You’ve planned this day, over many hours, weeks, months, years even. So sit back, relish being pampered and leave the disasters to the professionals.

Toastworthy Events offers a range of planning services from full wedding planning to on the day support, including full weekend weddings. For further information and to book a free consultation contact us at hello@toastworthyevents.co.uk