My venue offers a wedding coordinator - why would I need to hire someone else?


There are a lot of venues out there that come with a wedding planner or coordinator. This is usually included as part of the hire fee of your venue and is a real asset to shaping your wedding. They’ll know the venue inside out, have seen it used for weddings of all shapes and sizes and will be able to offer expert advice on how to make the most of the space. Most of them, however, will not plan your wedding for you.

Wedding planning requires hours of work, and for someone who hires a wedding planner upfront, finding the venue is usually task number one. This can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to sticking to budget or if you’re trying to do this for an imminent wedding. If you haven’t found your venue yet, venue supplied planner/coordinator will obviously not be available to help you with this!

Once you’ve found your venue, most in house planners or coordinators will guide you along the way. Often they’ll provide set checkpoints to talk about progress and the venue may have a list of recommended suppliers. This is all really helpful in making sure that you are on track and not making any obvious mistakes. They will also be there on the day to help with set up and making sure everything is in the right place. The clue is in the name - they are coordinating but they are not planning. In the build up to the wedding they will advise and make your life easier but they will not do the leg work for you. That is where you need to hire your own dedicated planner.

A hired wedding planner will support in a different way. They will take what you want for every element of your wedding and help you source the best suppliers around to fulfil your requirements. They’ll arrange supplier meetings, negotiate discounts, book and coordinate your suppliers and keep you within budget. They will also ensure you’re always on track with planning and that no detail gets forgotten. They’ll help with everything related to your wedding, and some will also include other things like your engagement party, hen/stag party and honeymoon in that too. A wedding planner acts as a one stop shop for anything and everything related to your special day, from the moment you hire them right the way through to clearing up afterwards and waving you off to your happily ever after.

A lot of people question the expense of a wedding planner, particularly when their venue provides support as part of the price. Besides all of the additional support that a wedding planner provides - as I’ve detailed above - they also usually end up saving you money. Wedding planners are professional budgeters; they know how to write one and how to stick to it. They’ll have a network of suppliers to match all price points and they won’t be afraid to speak up if you’re straying from your planned spend. 39% of couples go over budget, so having someone impartial who isn’t afraid to reign you in is invaluable.

Another advantage is that wedding planners can often negotiate discounts with suppliers. There are some planners who choose to keep these for themselves, but a lot of planners (us included) pass these discounts onto our couples. This is a brilliant way to make use of the great relationships we have in the industry. It’s also another handy way to make sure you’re in budget at every stage of planning with no nasty surprises when you’re back from your honeymoon!

It’s easy to see why a wedding coordinator provided by your venue is a great addition to you planning team. With invaluable insights into your venue and excellent local supplier contacts you’d be a fool to ignore them. But for that extra bit of support either at the start of your planning journey or to hold your hand on the day, a wedding planner is what you need.

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