Easy DIY Place Names - Step by Step Instructions

Purple Ribbon Place Names

Sometimes your wedding or party needs a personal touch and these DIY place names definitely fit that brief! There are lots of brilliant ideas for place names, from Lego Minifigures to Scrabble tiles, personalised plant pots to engraved wooden plinths there’s something out there to match your celebration. We’ve decided to keep things simple with these DIY Place Names, using simple paper and card, felt tips, scissors and glue. The colours and layouts can be adapted to suit your event so get crafting and make some place cards that show you care!

You will need:

Paper and card in the colour to match your wedding or event

Felt tips - Black, Gold and Silver are good choices

Cheese and Toast Place Names



Tracing Paper


Hole punch


  1. Choose your desired shape - you might prefer a classic folded card place name like the cheese and toast ones in our picture above, or perhaps you’d prefer a gift tag style (great for attaching to favours or place settings). Be creative, these can be any shape you like, so pick something that goes with your theme and you feel comfortable making.

  2. Draw out your shape on the back of your card - if you are just doing a simple rectangle measure this out with a ruler so you can make sure each one is identical. If you’re doing something more complicated then cut out the shape in a thicker piece of spare card to use as a template - feel free to trace something like a print out our household object if that helps!

  3. Cut out your place name. By making just one you can check if you are happy with the size and shape. This means you don’t make 80 and realise they should have been bigger! Make sure you’re happy with the shape, the card or paper you’re using and the construction.

  4. Once you’re happy with your ‘prototype’ you can draw out as many as you need and begin cutting! If you’re making lots don’t try to do them all in one go as it can get really dull really quickly. Aim to set aside 15 minutes a day to cut them out and over one or two weeks you’ll gradually accumulate blank place names!

    *TOP TIP - Make 5-10 extra place cards. It will help to have spares in case your guest numbers change or worse, some of the place names get damaged in the set up.*

  5. Once you’ve cut out all of your blank place names, you’re ready to embellish. I recommend getting all of the embellishments on before writing because it keeps all of the place names consistent. Of course, you can disagree and write the names on first, whichever you prefer! If you’re punching out hearts (you can get punches cheaply at your local craft shop), adding ribbons or glitter now is the time to do it. Again, work on a prototype one first before committing to do the whole batch.

  6. Now that you’ve got a whole batch of blank place names we’re ready to add the names. You can actually make the blank place names as early in the planning process as you’d like but I’d recommend leaving writing the actual names on until you’re happy that you know exactly who is attending. Some people have beautiful handwriting and will be happy to write the names straight on. I am not one of those people, so I find a font on the PC that I like and use that. I tend to use Google Fonts as it has a wide variety of fonts available including handwriting ones that are quite good for crafting. I then type out the names in the font and print it out. Using tracing paper (or baking paper if you don’t have tracing paper!) you can then trace the names and copy them onto your place name cards.

  7. Go over the pencil names in a bold pen - as I mention above black, gold, silver or bronze work well. Sharpies come in metallic colours and are very good for coverage on card of all colours (other pen brands are available!).

There you have it! Your own lovingly made place names that can perfectly adorn any stylish wedding or event. I’ll admit they may not be as polished as professional ones, but who cares when they’re made with love!

Pencil Place Names

P.S. I think the pencil ones are really fun! What a cute momento from your celebration?! For these I bought some cheap short pencils (these ones are from Tiger) and followed steps 6 and 7. They were the easiest ones to make! I hope you liked them too…