5 Gift List Ideas that Aren’t a Toaster!

Long gone are the days when you’d get married and move in together, probably from your parents houses, and therefore need a wedding gift list for setting up your house. Nothing says I love you more than giving someone a microwave! So what do couples want when they get married? I’ve got 5 great gift list ideas for the couple that already have a toaster…

1. Cash

It may sound horrible but cash is a really effective and useful wedding gift! It means the couple can use the money for something they really want and make the most out of their wedding gifts. It’s the present with ultimate flexibility. Some couples are still afraid of asking for this, which is a real shame, but a great way around this is to start a fund explaining how you intend to use the money. This could be a house fund, honeymoon fund, start of our marriage fund or fun fund! Whatever you want to use the money for, let your guests know and they’ll be a lot more comfortable.

Afternoon Tea

2. Experiences

My favourite part of planning my wedding was all the fun things I got to do with my future husband. I loved the cake tasting, venue visits, making favours, finding a band and did I mention the cake tasting? The best part was that we got to do all of these things as a couple, and it actually meant we spent a lot more quality time together. Once you’re married you have all of this spare time and it can feel a little underwhelming. A great way to combat this is to ask your guests to give you experiences for your first year of marriage. They can be anything you like, let your imagination run wild, but they have to be something you can do together. Try to remember you’ll have a mix of budgets so include a range of price points and if you’re brave let the guests suggest something themselves, you might be pleasantly surprised! I’ve got some examples below to get you started:

  • Dinner at a new restaurant

  • Tickets to a festival/gig

  • Weekend away

  • Chocolate making workshop

  • Wine tour/tasting

  • Afternoon tea

  • Hot air balloon ride

  • Cocktail making day

  • Cinema tickets

  • Romantic picnic

  • Spa day


3. Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a brilliant gift for newlyweds as they allow you to have a multitude of treats delivered straight to your door! This is perfect for embracing the things you love as a couple and ensuring they feature prominently at the start of your marriage. For example, you may love having a Sunday morning coffee together so request a coffee subscription box to have a new coffee every month. There are subscriptions out there for literally everything now - from curry nights to gin and books to the National Trust, asking your guests to contribute to these is a great way to make the things you do together extra special.

Cuba Honeymoon

4. Honeymoon

It might seem natural that honeymoon would sit under the cash option I talked about earlier, and a honeymoon fund is a great wedding gift list idea. There is a way to take it one step further and ask your guests to contribute to specific parts of your first trip as a married couple. You could ask for contributions to activities you’d like to do, an extra night’s stay, an upgrade to your room, private transfers to and from the airport, champagne on arrival or a special candlelit dinner during your stay. Think about those little luxuries that would make your honeymoon extra special and ask your guests for those as your gift. What better gift is there than memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime?


5. Charity

Most people don’t think of charity when planning their wedding which is completely understandable. However, adding a charity to your gift list is a great way to give something back to a cause you really care about. Maybe there’s a special someone who will be missing on your big day or perhaps you feel like you’ve got everything you could possibly want and you don’t really need a lot of gifts. This doesn’t need to be your whole guest list but consider asking for a portion of your gifts or one of the options you ask for to be a charitable donation. Not only will you raise awareness but you’ll be directly helping a great cause. Nothing beats the warm glow of helping others and that’s something you and your guests can share in the run up to your big day.

It’s fair to say these are 5 gift list ideas for couples that want something more than just stuff.  There’s nothing wrong with asking for stuff and these ideas can be used wholly or as a combination of requests for guests. In my opinion, memories, experiences and spending time with your new spouse are the best gifts of all and that’s what I’ve tried to focus on here. I think these are a brilliant way to start your marriage off with fun, laughter and something a little bit different!

P.S. this is my current favourite toaster (it’s red, and I love red!)


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