12 Guest Book Ideas

Want to have a guest list but think writing in a book isn’t quite enough…? I have 12 guest book ideas for you that offer up a great way to inject some fun into getting heartfelt messages from your wedding guests!

1. Fingerprints

Asking your guests to roll their fingers in ink and make a fingerprint might seem a bit messy when everyone’s in their best clothes? I think it makes a lovely momento and is very personal way for people to leave a message. Even better, turn it into a piece of art you can display pride of place in your marital home.

Fingerprint Guest Book.JPG

2. Polaroid (other instant cameras are available)

Old meets new with this idea where your guests can take a selfie with an instant camera. Their photo will be produced in seconds for them to write a lovely message on the back and capture a happy memory of your wedding forever. Combine with props or leave it up to your guests to pull a silly pose. The photos are guaranteed to make you smile for years to come!

Polaroid Guest Book.JPG

3. Date suggestions

Worried about what you’re going to do together once you’re married? No need when you’re asking your guests to provide ideas for dates for your first year of marriage! Make use of the collective experience in the room and you might find a few inspiring ideas that you’ll actually use!

Date Night Guest Book.JPG

4. Anniversary Advice

Create yourselves an advice time capsule by asking guests to provide advice for a future celebration. 1 and 5 years are good choices or go for short to long term selection of 1, 5, 10 and 25! Ask guests to put the advice slips into boxes, bottles  or jars and seal them after the wedding to be opened on your anniversary! Try not to peek beforehand!

Anniversary Guest Book.png

5. Funny Advice For Those That Can’t Wait

If advice sounds good but you don’t think you can wait a whole year to read it, ask your guests to fill in these activity cards that you can read straight away! The responses might surprise you!

Advice Guest Book.png

6. Heart drop

This is another large keepsake guest book. You ask guests to write on a wooden heart and then drop it into a frame that has an opening at the top. You’ll have a gorgeous picture filled with loving sentiments to hang in your home.

Heart Drop Guest Book.png

7. Bucket List

If you thought asking your guests for date night ideas was good, try taking it one step further and getting them to build you both a bucket list! I guarantee you’ll get some standard responses but you’ll be amazed at the weird and wonderful suggestions people include. Make sure you and your partner know what you’re letting yourselves in for!

Bucket List Guest Book.png

8. Postcards

Perhaps you’re a couple who like to travel? Or you’d like a bit more personality in your guest book? Getting your guests to complete postcards is a great way to capture their messages and have a collection of pictures and places to turn into a book that you’ll treasure forever. Get a selection and your guests can have fun choosing which card they’ll fill in!

Postcard Guest Book.JPG

9. Time Capsule

This option is a little more involved but has the biggest heart of all. Ask your guests to each bring an item that is important to them or their relationship with you. It could be a photo of a great time together, a reminder of a trip you once took, a shared interest or anything they can think of! Then ask your guests to add their objects to a box with a tag to identify who brought the item and seal the box at the wedding. You’ll have your own time capsule full of memories to open on a special anniversary.

Time Capsule Guest Book.JPG

10. Calendar

If you struggle to remember birthdays this guest book will ensure you never do again! Get a calendar and ask guests to add a message on their birthday. Maybe even leave your new spouse a secret message on your wedding anniversary!

Calendar Guest Book.png

11. Wishing Tree

Perfect for spring/summer/autumn and Christmas Weddings, ask guests to write a message on a tag and tie it to a tree. The photos of your guest book will be stunning and you can collect up the messages and store them in any way you like! You could even recreate your wish tree at home with your guests messages!

Wishing Tree Guest Book.png

12. Poll your Guests

This option is for couples that have complete trust in their guests! If you’re struggling as a couple on a big decision, like what you might want to do for your first anniversary, ask your guests to write their messages on pieces of paper and then use them to vote for what you’ll do. I’d advise having a maximum of 3 options as any more and you’re unlikely to get a majority, but it will allow your guests to have a bit of fun and hopefully give you some ideas too!

Poll Guests Guest Book.png

Hopefully that’s given you a few ideas for your guest book! I love hearing new ideas so please feel free to add yours in the comments!

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