Top 5 Ideas for Choosing Your Wedding Drinks


We all have a favourite drink. Whether you’re a cocktail drinker, wine lover, beer buddy or tee total what you’ll drink on your wedding day is an important detail. You want to enjoy what you’re drinking after all! Understandably, you’ll want your guests to enjoy themselves too. Your wedding day is a long day with multiple drinking choices to make - drinks reception, during the food, the toasts, for the evening and all those times in between.

So what do you choose? We’ve got 5 top tips to help you make a decision:

1. Focus on what you like - if you hate sparkling wine you don’t have to choose it for the toast! Perhaps you have a favourite drink as a couple or something that brings back fond memories, if so try to include it in your big day. It will bring a smile to your face when you need it most!

2. Think about your food - sometimes your food choices can guide your drink choices. It’s traditional to offer white and red for the main meal of a wedding but be creative! Pair your drink with what you’re having choosing richer drinks for richer food.


3. Take inspiration from the season - if you’re having a summer wedding consider going for a classic summer drink like Pimms, a fruity cocktail or lemonade. Pimms on the grass in glorious sunshine is just perfect for a summer drinks reception. Or if you’re having a late autumn/winter wedding choose a classic mulled wine or mulled rum punch for traditional warming flavours.

4. Go local - not only is it environmentally savvy, there are lots of great alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages produced locally in the UK. Consider an English wine, a locally produced gin or presse, a craft ale or even a regional cider for your special day.


5. Create a signature cocktail - why not add something unique to your day and create your own personal cocktail for your wedding? There are companies out there that offer support with this or you can experiment at home and create something new!

Natalie Walker