The Best and Tastiest Alternatives to Wedding Cake

For when cake just won’t cut it…

For those that don’t have a sweet tooth, the wedding cake just isn’t something you’ll be looking forward to. Or perhaps you’re not the biggest fan of cake and you’d like something a little bit different? The good news is there are plenty of alternatives out there for you to choose from. I’ve included a mixture of sweet and savoury here, some you may have heard of and some I guarantee you won’t have seen before!

Warning: this blog may make you hungry!

1. Pork Pie Wedding Cake

Yep, I’m starting off big. I’m based in Lincolnshire with Melton Mowbray, the home of the pork pie, just a stone's throw away, and I will confess to loving a pork pie. However, this is a wedding cake not for the faint hearted. Perhaps not best suited to the vegetarians and vegans amongst your guests, it is bound to be a talking point and will provide a handy snack as your reception goes into the evening.

2. Cheese Wedding Cake


Once deemed a novelty, the cheese wedding cake is now a staple alternative to the classic cake based wedding cake. There are many varieties and options to choose from, just don’t forget to order crackers, grapes and chutney to complete the ensemble. My current favourite is the delicious Godminster cheddar which is smooth, creamy and doesn’t last long in our house!

3. Brownies/Blondies

Fudge Brownies

We’re back into sweet territory here, and if cake wasn’t your thing perhaps the humble brownie might be more to your liking. Gooey, oozing with chocolate and perfect with an after dinner coffee, there’s a lot to be said for this less than conventional choice. If you want to make it more weddingy then opt for a blondie which is made with white chocolate rather than dark giving it a paler, golden colour.

4. Croquembouche

This classic french wedding centrepiece gained popularity following its appearance on The Great British Bake Off. A tower of filled profiteroles all held together with caramel, this really is the ultimate in luxury and sophistication. You can pick different flavoured and coloured cream fillings to match your special day. I think it looks like the best tear and share I’ve ever seen!

5. Tarts

Wedding Cake Alternatives - TARTS.png

Bear with me, I know this one sounds strange! Tarts provide a flexibility that many others on this list can’t. You can opt for sweet fruit, citrus or chocolate filled tarts or savoury flavours or a combination of both. Imagine a goats cheese and red onion tart as the top tier, an asparagus and smoked salmon middle layer and an enormous tangy lemon tart as the bottom tier. That’s your starter, main and pudding in one wedding cake. What’s not to love?

6. Macarons

Wedding Macarons

These delicate french fancies are light and delicious - perfect for your guests after a huge three course wedding breakfast! They can be coloured to match your colour scheme, exquisitely decorated and flavoured to taste. I have to admit, there’s something mightily impressive about the sight of a macaron tower!

7. Meringues

Pink Meringues

Like the macrons above, meringues are the perfect lighter alternative to wedding cake. If like me, you’re allergic to nuts, then meringues are a great option instead of macarons. They can be coloured, decorated and sandwiched together with chocolate or cream. Go light with white chocolate and berries for a summer wedding or rich and decadent with coffee and dark chocolate for an autumn/winter celebration. They’re bite sized, sweet and utterly delicious.

8. Miniature Pies

Everyone’s got a favourite pie haven’t they? Turn your partner’s and yours into a wedding centrepiece by having a miniature pie ‘wedding cake’. These can be decorated, not as elaborately as some of the other suggestions here, but they are a heartier choice. They could even form the evening meal for your guests! There is something satisfying about cutting into a pie after all….

9. Cheesecake


Yes, this has cake in the name but there’s not a victoria sponge in sight. Not only a great alternative to the traditional wedding cake, but a perfect way of serving your guests dessert after the wedding breakfast! You can be more creative with flavours of cheesecake than you might imagine, and you can have a selection of sauces available for guests to pair with their scrumptious dessert.

10. Chocolate Truffles

Pretty Chocolate Truffles

If you’re a chocaholic then this one is definitely for you. One large tower of chocolate truffles this is like your average selection box on steroids. Pick some of your favourite flavours as classic or unique as you’d like and you can have them turned into a beautiful masterpiece like this one. Perfect for picking at all night long! If you’re really savvy, you could turn this into small selection boxes with one of each flavour for your guests as wedding favours.

11. Ice Cream Cones

Ice Cream Cones

I think this is genius! Freshly prepared ice cream cones, arranged in a tower for your guests. True, you can’t cut it like a traditional cake, but who wouldn’t want this? Choose your favourite flavours, add some toppings and have fun. Yes, it may be childish but life’s too short…

12. Yorkshire Pudding

Yes, you read that correctly. In 2016 Aunt Bessies made a one off Yorkshire pudding wedding cake for a lucky couple to celebrate ? I love Yorkshire puddings, no roast is complete without them (I make incredible gluten free ones for my hubbie!) I’d love to see this become the next big trend at weddings, I’m not holding my breath, but if you’re a lover of the humble Yorkshire pud this could definitely be the one for you. It comes complete with gravy tower, what’s not to love?!

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