Have you ever thought of using Silk Flowers?

If I’m being honest, I’d have never thought of using silk flowers for a wedding. That was, until I met Sarah Clay of Indigo Blooms. I had no idea her display at a local fair was silk flowers until she pointed it out to me, they’re really that good! I’ve asked Sarah to talk about the benefits of using silk flowers.

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Have you thought about using silk flowers?   

Silk flowers have been around for centuries and are once again gaining in popularity. Gone are the brightly coloured plastic flowers of the seventies, they’ve been replaced by such realistic looking blooms that it is hard to tell the difference from fresh flowers.

So what are the main advantages…?

Silk flowers can be arranged in advance of your wedding day

Unlike fresh flowers, silk flowers can be arranged and delivered/collected well in advance, so you can see and approve all your floral arrangements long before your big day.

Silk flowers come in a variety of colours

Your dream colour may not be available with fresh flowers but no matter what colour or shade you choose you are almost guaranteed to be able to find your perfect match with silk flowers.

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Silk flowers are available throughout the year

Silk flowers aren’t seasonal, so you can always choose your favourite flower whatever time of the year. Why not choose something unique for the time of year that wouldn’t be available with fresh flowers?

You can’t be allergic to silk flowers

Certain fresh flowers often used in bouquets and displays are very pollen rich, so by choosing silk flowers you are still able to have these flowers but with the peace of mind that they won’t cause anyone an allergic reaction!

Silk flowers are unaffected by temperature

Whatever the weather, be it very hot or cold, or wet or windy, silk flowers are unaffected by temperature or weather conditions.

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Silk flowers are more durable

Silk flowers don’t have any of nature’s flaws. They don’t bruise, wilt or tear and you won’t get insects eating the edges!

Silk flowers are lightweight and are easily transported, even abroad

Carrying silk flowers is completely effortless. With no water content, bouquets are much lighter to hold. This also makes them easy to transport. So, if you’re getting married abroad, they’re easy to pack in your hand luggage!

Silk flowers can be enjoyed for longer

Silk flowers can be kept indefinitely, so whether you wish to keep your bouquets and arrangements, hand out your flowers as gifts to your guests, or make use of a returns policy to reduce your costs, you can be sure they will be treasured for many years.

Convinced? Want to know more? Indigo Blooms are a bespoke silk florist based in Dorrington, Lincolnshire. It is owned and run by Sarah Clay who has a background in horticulture and floristry. She creates bespoke silk flower arrangements to suit your needs. Check out her website at http://www.indigoblooms.co.uk.

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