Why have a wedding website?

Wedding websites have become standard for the modern couple and are considered an essential part of the planning process. However, not everyone has embraced the idea of putting the details of their big day online. So what is a wedding website and why might you use one?

Simply put a wedding website is an online space where all the details of your wedding day are posted for your friends and family to refer to when required. There are many companies offering free wedding websites such as OneFabDay, The Knot and With Joy. Most allow you to set up a relatively feature rich site and some include the option to send invites and manage your wedding plans directly from your site. That all sounds great, but why exactly would you want to do this? Isn’t this just another thing you’ll have to think about during the already stressful time of planning your wedding? There are so many benefits to a wedding website which is why I’ve listed some important ones below to show you how useful it can be!

It’s All in One Place

Traditionally you’d send out your invitations along with any other information your guests may need. This includes, but is not limited to, a menu, directions, details of accommodation, venue details, dress code, timings for the day and a method to RSVP. With weddings getting bigger and more elaborate, this can mean your wedding invitations become a pack of information for your guests to look through and possibly lose.

The advantage of a wedding website is you can limit what you send in your invitations. It becomes your choice as to how much information to include and, most importantly, you can put all the details on your wedding website for your guests to review at their leisure. Perfect for any guests that may misplace your invitations as you only need to send them the link to your website! 

It’s also helpful to share the link to your site with your suppliers. This will help them to get an insight into your day and how it’s shaping up, as well as seeing how they fit into the bigger picture.

It’s Eco Friendly

By reducing the amount of paper you include with your actual invitation, you’re not only saving time but you’re saving the planet too! It’s much more environmentally friendly to keep your paper use to a minimum and include everything your guests need on your website. If you’re really committed to being green you could forego the paper invitations altogether and opt for e-invites instead!

Make RSVPs Easy

How are you planning to track the responses to your invites? Paper checklist? Put it all in a spreadsheet? What if you could get everyone to respond via your website and have it all documented for you? Using a wedding website does just that! Not only that, you can use forms on your site to get people to confirm if they need rooms, their menu choices and even submit a song for your playlist! If you’re smart about it, you can automate the whole process, including sending reminders to guests who haven’t responded yet! You then have all the information ready to hand to your venue, caterers or anyone else who requires it. 

Easy to Share Updates

Sometimes plans change, it’s inevitable. Timings get updated, routes need replanning, things don’t pan out quite how you’d hoped. Or perhaps you just know more as you get closer to the event and you need to let your guests know. With a wedding website providing updates to your guests couldn’t be simpler. No need to ring around, just pop an update on the front of your wedding website and, if possible, send an alert out to your guests. Everyone will see the same message (no crossed wires here) and your job will be a lot easier. 

This applies post wedding too - if you’ve got photos to share you can pop an update on the website for all to see! Whether you’ll have your own gallery or a link to your photographer’s one, it’s much easier for guests to head to your site (they’ll be used to it by now) to get the latest. You can even encourage guests to upload their own photos too!

Create a Buzz!

Your friends and family are already excited for your special day, so why is creating a buzz important? It may seem obvious but using a wedding website to keep everyone in the loop genuinely makes the build up to your wedding less stressful and more joyous. People are nervous when they don’t know what’s happening. By making it clear and providing everyone with the information they need, you’ll prevent yourselves being bombarded with questions about the food, venue, entertainment, dress code, and well anything and everything about your day! Your guests will be excited about what is happening, not worrying about it! Trust me, it sounds ludicrous but this genuinely works.

With all these benefits I’m amazed that more people aren’t rushing to set up a wedding website. It is an initial effort, I’ll admit, but I believe it’s well worth it for the time and hassle it can save you later on. I’ll also add that you should be cautious about how much you put out in public on your site, I always advise having a password for guests to be able to access your site and all the relevant information. These are details about you and your wedding day so I’d never suggest putting them out in the public domain. As I mentioned, there are lots of companies you can use to set up a wedding website for free and with minimal effort, so there’s no excuse for not giving it a go!

Need some help planning? Looking for some additional support? I’m here to help you! My support is flexible, focusing on what you need for your celebration. Contact me for a chat about your celebration, there’s no obligation to book!