Guide to Stress Free Hen Party Planning

You’re getting married! It’s now time for your best friends to spoil you rotten and throw the ultimate bash to celebrate. If you’re lucky you’ll have an amazing group of super organised friends who’ll pull it all together, but what do you do if you’re friends are gifted at many things just planning isn’t one of them? With this handy guide you and your friends will have an amazing hen party planned in no time at all. No fuss, no stress and most importantly all friendships still in tact. 

  • Pick someone to be in charge

Before you start planning, you need to nominate someone to be in charge of your hen party. This could be you, your chief bridesmaid or any one of your friends or family but it needs to be one person. The more people that are ‘in charge’ the more chaotic it gets, so by putting one person as the leader of the group you’re providing a clear point of contact for you and the other hens. You can still all work together to plan everything but with one person leading it all you’ll know who is responsible for booking everything and corresponding with suppliers and guests alike!

  • Set a clear per person budget

As with all things, the costs for a hen party can quickly spiral out of control. As boring as it sounds, it is best to set a budget per guest up front and stick to it. Be aware that not everyone may be able to afford the same so, although talking about money can be uncomfortable, this is something you’ll need to do to agree a budget that suits all of your hens. To avoid squabbles keep the budget the same for everyone, and don’t add things in at the last minute going above the agreed budget like food and transport!

  • Be considerate

I imagine you’re usually an amazing friend who would never ask your friends to do something they don’t feel comfortable with. However, when you’re in the midst of planning a wedding even the kindest sweetest people get taken in by the stress and chaos. You’re so busy that it becomes easy to forget about the needs of your other hens. To avoid this, I recommend talking to your group before booking anything to make sure nobody has any major objections, and taking some time out to be with your friends before your hen do. It will act as a way of relieving the pressure and stress of planning as well as ensuring you’re staying grounded in reality!

  • Decide on a theme/style

This isn’t compulsory but it does help with making decisions. When you’re in the middle of planning your wedding you can encounter decision fatigue so anything that makes decision making easier is always welcome! Examples of themes could be rest & relaxation, outdoor adventures, bestival festival, foodie feast.

Activities can then be booked to match your theme. E.g.

Rest & relaxation - manicures, spa day, afternoon tea

Outdoor adventures - glamping, horse riding, outdoor cooking

Bestival festival - flower crown making, concert, glitter make-up session, cocktail making

Foodie feast - vineyard tour, chocolate truffle making, cake decorating, gin tasting 

  • Logistics

Wherever you decide to have your hen party it’s important to remember that everyone needs to get there! This is particularly crucial if you have people coming from far and wide. Take a look at train times, share taxi firm numbers and make sure everyone knows where they need to be and when. It’s also considerate to factor travel costs into the total budget, particularly if some people are coming from much further afield than others!

  • Accommodation

The ultimate hen party experience is a weekend away with your gal pals! Even if you’re not all going away for the weekend it’s good to consider the accommodation you and your guests might need. Great options are booking out holiday cottages for the whole group to enjoy, hotels, bed and breakfasts and glamping! If you’re booking multiple rooms at a B&B or a hotel don’t forget to ask about a discount or room upgrade as a bonus! Again, take time to factor in any accommodation costs into the total budget, even if everybody doesn’t need a room!

  • Communication is key!

The secret to planning anything is communication. People get nervous when they don’t know what’s happening. Keep it clear and concise, with regular updates so that everyone is in the loop! Make sure the most important information is highlighted so people don’t miss it, this might include timings, location, transport information and anything they need to bring. The most awkward communication is always about budget and money. The only way to make bringing up money less unnerving is to take the plunge and do it. By keeping it simple, sharing the costs and having a frank and open dialogue with your friends you’ll avoid any awkwardness. If someone is struggling to meet the costs of your hen party, be considerate and understanding. Take them to one side and talk about it, you’ll be able to work it out. 

Follow these and you’ll have a smooth and easy hen party planning process! If you’re still struggling with planning your hen party, I can help! I offer the support you need, from getting started with your plans to taking care of it all for you. Get in touch for a chat about your hen party over a cuppa! I’ll leave you with one final piece of advice: 

Have fun!

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