5 Top Tips for Keeping your Wedding on Budget

I know that talking about wedding budgets is boring. I’m not going to sugar coat it. When people think of planning a wedding they imagine beautiful dresses, glossy magazines, flowers and cake. Let’s face it, budgets aren’t the glamorous part of wedding planning. Here’s the crux of this:


You probably have an idea of how much you want to spend on your wedding. (If you don’t you’ll want to start thinking about this!) For most people this is where the budgeting seems to stop. What happens with this approach is you go about planning your wedding and at some point you realise you’re running out of money. I can guarantee that you’ll still have things to buy and then you start to panic. You frantically start searching for what you can cut back on, making sacrifices left, right and centre. Or worse, you bury your head in the sand and hope that some money will magically appear to solve all your problems. 

This all leads to one thing: STRESS. Your blissful wedding planning has become a concoction of anxiety, frustration and resentment. Not how you want to be starting your married life. The worst part is that this is entirely avoidable. Not only that, but it’s relatively simple to prevent this happening. The good news is, I’m going to show you how.


If you do anything after reading this blog, do this. Start by setting a total budget for your wedding - this will be the overall amount you want to spend on EVERYTHING for your wedding. Do not leave anything out, or have separate budgets for different elements of the wedding, include absolutely everything. 

Next break it down to have a budget for each element of your wedding. This can be a best guess but it will help to keep you on track if split up the total budget and allocate a bit to each part of your wedding. Once you’ve done that, use it! It sounds silly, nevertheless I’ve seen so many people create a budget to then ignore it when talking to suppliers. If you’ve allocated £400 for a cake then when you’re looking at cakes stick to suppliers in your price range. When you start booking suppliers fill in what you actually spend in the budget and keep a track of your actual vs. planned spending!

2. Shop around

There has never been so much choice when it comes to planning your wedding. When looking for each aspect of your wedding don’t be afraid to shop around. Talk to different suppliers and compare packages and prices to make sure you get the best deal.

3. Hire don’t buy

If you’re struggling with your budget then looking to hire certain elements rather than buying them outright might be a good choice. It’s often significantly cheaper (and more convenient!) to hire, particularly when it comes to decorations, suits, crockery and cutlery, glassware and even flowers! Look at your options and if you need to cut back consider hiring.

4. Do it yourself

I’m a huge fan of DIY weddings because I feel they include a personal touch you can’t recreate without the couple putting in the time and effort. Doing it yourself can be a good cost-cutting measure as well as making your day extra special. There are loads of ways to DIY your wedding such as providing your own drinks, making the favours, crafting decorations and baking your own cake. 

5. Go to wedding fairs

There are so many great wedding fairs out there, most of which cost little to nothing to enter. These are great opportunities to talk to suppliers and get inspiration for your wedding, as well as bagging any show discounts! Many suppliers have offers, freebies or price reductions available to fair attendees, so attending a wedding fair is a great way to pick up some bargains to help keep you on budget!

With these 5 top tips you’ll have your wedding on budget in no time. Don’t let the stress of going over budget ruin your wedding planning. There’s no need to compromise later on in your planning because you overspent at the beginning and with these tips you’ll be sure you won’t have to!

If you want any help with your wedding budget, or any other aspect of your wedding planning then get in touch for a chat! I’d love to help make sure your wedding planning is a joyous and exciting time free of stress and worry!